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AC Maintenance

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AC Maintenance in Woodburn, KY

Is it time to do some air conditioning maintenance? Call Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning to make an appointment!

While the weather in Woodburn is usually on the milder side, the place gets surprisingly hot and humid once summer arrives. Are you behind on your AC maintenance in Woodburn, KY? If so, how confident are you that your AC system will keep your home cool? 

If you’d like peace of mind about your unit’s capabilities, Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning has experienced technicians who can perform a full AC system inspection in the spring. Get in touch to learn more!

What Happens During Our Woodburn, Kentucky, Maintenance Visits?

If you’re scheduling AC maintenance in Woodburn, KY, for the first time, here are the steps you can expect from our HVAC technician:

  1. Visually inspect your air conditioning system for obvious signs of trouble
  2. Check thermostat settings
  3. Perform a thermostat calibration
  4. Conduct a refrigerant check and look for leaks
  5. Lubricate moving parts
  6. Tighten electrical connections and any other loose components
  7. Clean the condensate drain and blower motor, plus do evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  8. Perform air filter replacement
  9. Recommend air duct cleaning, if necessary

Before leaving, Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning can also test the cooling system to make sure it works smoothly.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Regular Woodburn AC Maintenance?

Prioritizing AC maintenance in Woodburn, KY, can benefit your home comfort in many ways, such as:

  • Makes your air conditioning system more energy-efficient
  • Stops small problems from turning into bigger ones
  • Keeps the inside of your air conditioner spotless, improving indoor air quality
  • Increases the lifespan of your cooling unit
  • Provides peace of mind

Discover some things you can do to maintain your home’s AC system by reading our blog.

When Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

Many property owners in Woodburn, KY, choose to schedule their maintenance in the springtime. The timing ensures that experts prepare your air conditioning system for the summer. 

In Woodburn, you might also consider scheduling air conditioning maintenance around the end of summer. Tune-ups before and after the peak cooling season keep the unit in the best condition possible for longer.

If you’d like some hassle-free help in maintaining your home comfort, reach out to Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 270-776-3691 today to discuss your options for AC maintenance in Woodburn, KY.



What would you like to know about maintaining your home’s air conditioning? Look for some common questions and answers below.

Can I Perform AC Maintenance Myself?

Yes, you can perform some AC maintenance tasks yourself, such as replacing the air filters every few months. More advanced forms of air conditioning maintenance need professionals to step in if you’re going to avoid damaging your system or injuring yourself.

How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

The cost of AC maintenance depends on a few factors, including: 

  • The size of your AC system
  • Its age
  • The AC maintenance company you call to help

What Will Happen If I Don’t Do AC Maintenance?

If you don’t do AC maintenance in Woodburn, KY, you may be forced to tackle repairs more frequently and pay for an earlier replacement unit. It’s worth looking into a local service, like Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s maintenance packages.

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