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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning in Bowling Green

Air conditioners work hard all summer season long to provide cool comfort to your home. Much like any other appliance, air conditioners will need to be replaced, repaired, and properly maintained to ensure your home remains comfortable and affordable. Our thorough team at Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC has spent years providing air conditioning services in Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas, and we are prepared to continue servicing your home during the summer months. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, it may have an underlying malfunction damaging other components or driving up your utility bill. Air conditioning maintenance is a preventative service performed by a Chilly Ben’s technician to ensure your AC system is working efficiently and effectively. We recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance once a year, ideally in the spring season. AC maintenance in Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas during the spring allows plenty of time to prepare your system for the workload summer brings without leaving your home uncomfortable. 

Regular maintenance for your air conditioner allows us to support all functioning parts while making minor issues noticeable before they become symptomatic with higher energy costs. Each maintenance appointment depends on the type of air conditioner your home utilizes, but will always include the following: 

  • Tightening loose nuts and bolts and other compromised connections
  • Replacing the filters and thermostat batteries
  • Dusting the condenser and evaporator coils 
  • Replacing worn parts 
  • Lubricating moving parts 

Our specialized team suggests changing out your AC air filters seasonally to ensure dirt and debris buildup doesn’t halt optimal airflow or jeopardize your indoor air quality. You should also clean the vents of your air ducts and change the thermostat batteries regularly, but we’ll handle the rest with semi-annual maintenance. 

Air Conditioning Repairs

Sometimes your air conditioner shows signs of needed repair, and sometimes it breaks down without warning. In both cases, the Chilly Ben’s air conditioning team is prepared to identify the source of the problem and provide speedy repairs! 

While some fixes are minor, like increasing airflow by cleaning or changing filters or improving cooling power by checking your thermostat and air conditioning settings, others need an expert’s touch. That includes taking apart your unit in the following cases:

  • Clogged drain line: A clogged condensate drain causes water to back into the indoor evaporator unit rather than escape into the drain pan. Leaks also occur from frozen evaporator coils or leaking Freon. 
  • Improper cooling: Numerous parts bar optimal cooling, from a refrigerant leak preventing adequate heat transfer to dirty coils not absorbing and removing the heat. Similarly, long cycling creates hot spots during uneven cooling, and short cycling leaves your home warmer for longer.
  • Unusual sounds: Humming is expected from the unit’s running motor, but banging, buzzing, popping, or squealing means parts need tightening, replacing, or lubricating.

Air Conditioning Replacements & Installations

Unfortunately, not all air conditioning repairs are effective if your unit is nearing the end of its 10 to 15 year lifespan. Over time, internal parts become irreversibly worn and results in more frequent and costly repairs. You may even need a premature replacement if you haven’t kept up with professional maintenance or your unit needs parts no longer in production during repairs. 

When it’s time for an installation, we’ll measure the square footage of your home to match you with the appropriate model since the higher the BTU, the more cooling power the unit provides for larger spaces. Larger homes may also require air ducts or multiple units for uniform cooling, so we’ll go through your options, from window units and mini-splits to central air, before a one-day installation. 

Other Cooling Services

When servicing air conditioning units, we may have to repair or replace internal parts, such as the following: 

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils carry liquid refrigerant that extracts heat from the air, leaving cool air for the handlers to distribute. However, if warm air comes from the vents or short cycling or refrigerant leaks occur, you’ll need to check your coils. 

Air Handlers

Air handlers accompany air conditioners and heat pumps. After the AC cools the surrounding air, the handlers distribute the air through ductwork to every room. Weak airflow from the vents, frozen handlers or coils, or higher energy bills indicate you need a repair. 

Fan Coils

Fan coil units are popular in ducted mini-split systems and connect to the ductwork and thermostat, which controls the fan speed and refrigerant flow to the exchanger. If the fan won’t start, runs slowly, or won’t shut down, call for assistance. 

Condensing Units 

The condensing unit, or outdoor AC portion, houses the compressor and condenser coils for hot air extraction. However, a faulty capacitor, control board, or motor urges a repair, while broken tubes and seals require a replacement. 

Air Conditioning Services in Bowling Green, KY

At Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C, our #1 priority is top-notch customer service and satisfaction, fixing everything the right way the first time. For air conditioning services in Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas, request services at 270-776-3691 today!

Your friends at Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to serve you and your family! Give us a call, or request service online to get started.

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