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AC Installation

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AC Installation & Replacement Services

Reliable AC Installation & Replacement In Bowling Green & Surrounding Areas!

With a humid subtropical climate that comprises hot, muggy summers that sometimes exceed 95 degrees, you need a functioning air conditioner. However, owning an air conditioner doesn’t guarantee cooling power depending on certain factors. If your old, trusty system isn’t on your side anymore, Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC has the air conditioning installation you need.

Our licensed and contracted team serves Bowling Green, KY, and the surrounding areas with flexible scheduling and promptness, which is only the beginning of our stellar customer service. Contact us to learn more about replacements with competitive pricing and optimal satisfaction.

When To Turn AC Repair Into AC Replacement

The first few years after air conditioning installation should come with little to no repairs, especially if you’re keeping up with semi-annual professional maintenance. However, repairs become vital for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness as your system ages. As internal components wear down, from the fan belt and evaporator coils to the compressor and blower motor, you’ll need more frequent assistance.

It’s time to turn your repair into a replacement if you need two or more repairs to get your unit through the year or any individual repair costs up to half the original installation cost. You should also consider an AC replacement in any of the following cases:

  • Your unit has reached the end of its lifespan, which usually ranges between 10 to 15 years
  • Repairs reveal your system needs parts manufacturing companies no longer make
  • Energy costs are rising despite constant repairs and maintenance

Why Is AC Replacement In Bowling Green Beneficial?

AC replacement in Bowling Green does more than reduce the number of repairs your unit needs to operate. Although an installation has a higher upfront cost than a repair, a new system proves more energy efficient, with all parts working effectively to create cool air. That means it uses less electricity since it doesn’t have to override internal failures, leading to lower energy bills.

The energy efficiency also means cooling power increases, so it’ll take less time to cool your home evenly, increasing comfort indoors on sweltering days. Other benefits of an AC installation include the following:

  • Better indoor air quality: Not only do newly-manufactured units not have dust and dander buildup within their compartments like your current unit, but new models come with add-ons to improve air quality. UV filtration and other air purification systems eradicate mold, pollen, and other allergens before releasing the altered air into your residence.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since newer models pull less energy from your utility grid, they reduce your environmental footprint by requiring less fuel.
  • Government incentives: By lowering your environmental impact, tax exemptions become available, depending on your make and model. Other government incentives and rebate programs also exist that, according to Energy Star, can refund you up to 30% of the project cost.
  • Higher property value: By lowering a homeowner’s electricity bills and requiring fewer repairs, a new system increases property value, which is especially important if you’re selling your home in a competitive and strenuous selling market.

What Is The Process Of AC Installation In Bowling Green?

When you need an AC installation, our team at Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC doesn’t just match your new unit to your old type. Instead, we match it to the house and your needs and preferences. We start by measuring the square footage of your home while considering the number of entryways, doors, windows, and ceiling height, which all affect cooling ability. We then determine the amount of British Thermal Units (BTUs) necessary for cooling the space. The higher the BTU, the larger the unit and the more cooling power it has.

From wall, ceiling, and window-mounted units to portable ones and central air, we’ll relay options that suit your lifestyle and budget. If you have central air with an effective air handler and air ducts already in place, we simply install new coils in the indoor unit and replace the condenser outdoor unit.

Why Trust Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC?

Our specialized team with years of experience cares more about you getting the most out of your unit than making a quick buck. That’s why we put customer satisfaction first, offering a 56-point maintenance checklist and cutting-edge best practices during repairs and replacements. Call Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC at 270-776-3691 to schedule a skilled, high-quality AC installation in Bowling Green, KY, today!

Your friends at Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to serve you and your family! Give us a call, or request service online to get started.

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