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Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services In Bowling Green, KY & Surrounding Areas!

Heat pumps combine the best of air conditioning and central heating into a single system and have become popular in places with temperate climates like Kentucky. Call Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC for commercial and residential heat pump care in Bowling Green, KY, and nearby cities. Our team takes pride in providing top-quality maintenance, repair, and installation services that exceed client expectations. Trust our technicians to help your home or business stay comfortable year-round.

How Does A Heat Pump Operate?

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps function as both a heating and air conditioning system. When cooling your home, the heat pump uses refrigerant to absorb heat energy from the indoor air and redistribute it outdoors. The indoor unit has an air controller which blows inside air over the absorbing refrigerant. Then, the heated refrigerant circulates to the outdoor unit, where a fan pushes the heat out. Now-cooled refrigerant cycles back through the system again.

For heating, heat pumps use the same operation process but in reverse. The reverse function instead collects heat from the outdoors and redistributes it inside the property, warming the building. Different types of heat pumps collect and release heat to varying locations.

  • Air-source heat pumps exchange heat with the air, even in winter when people cannot sense heat energy. Ground-source heat pumps exchange heat with underground soil where temperatures typically remain consistent.
  • Ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps come in many forms, using horizontal or vertical loops or underground water sources. These systems typically cost more due to the installation costs, but they provide more consistent heating than air heat pumps. Still, air-source units often have backup heating strips for exceptionally cold days.

The Benefits Of Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps provide consistent benefits to the building due to their unique design. In addition to whole-property comfort, heat pumps can boost your property value with the following:

  • Quiet operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Cooling and heating in one
  • Environmental friendly
  • Condensing maintenance needs

Heat pumps have an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. Other heating systems often have to stay indoors, meaning you hear them work. The outdoor unit ensures the noisiest part of the heat pump’s function stays outside. Also, heat pumps do not make the heat energy themselves, like a boiler or furnace. They redistribute heat, meaning they use less electricity and won’t produce fumes or other environmentally harmful waste. They are also energy efficient, so you can expect lower utility bills.

You can also combine your heating and cooling units into one system with a heat pump. You won’t need an additional air conditioner or cooling unit to provide cold air during hot weather. Additionally, you’ll only need to call maintenance for one system, reducing HVAC expenses over time.

Signs You May Need Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps, like any HVAC system, require occasional repairs due to problems that may develop with the parts. Look out for these signs and call an HVAC technician when you notice them:

  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inadequate heating or cooling
  • Leaky or noisy ductwork
  • Poor airflow
  • Parts of the unit keep freezing
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Failing to turn on when set to heat or cold mode

If you are experiencing problems with your heat pump, give the Chilly Ben’s team a call! Our expert technicians specialize in heat pump repair services in Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas.

Heat Pump Maintenance: How Often?

We recommend having a professional technician service your heat pump annually, just like you would for an air conditioner. Many unit parts are similar to an air conditioning unit, with a few exceptions depending on the type of heat pump.

Call Us For Heat Pump Services In Bowling Green, KY

Are you interested in a heat pump for your commercial or residential property in or around Bowling Green, KY? Call Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC for fast and efficient services on air and ground-source heat pumps. We evaluate your property to find the best type of unit to heat and cool every room. If you have a heat pump and need repairs or annual maintenance, call 270-776-3691 to schedule your heat pump service today!

Your friends at Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to serve you and your family! Give us a call, or request service online to get started.

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