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AC Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Thorough AC Maintenance In Bowling Green, KY & Surrounding Areas

Owning an air conditioner doesn’t mean you’ll always have relief from the 90-degree outdoor summer highs. The tiniest issues affect energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and indoor comfort, especially if your system won’t turn on.

Rather than allow this surprise to greet you when it’s most inconvenient, trust Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC to catch problems before they worsen with regular AC maintenance in Bowling Green, KY. Our professional HVAC technicians have years of experience checking and repairing all makes and models the right way the first time. Count on our professional team to ensure optimal functionality of your HVAC system.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance is a regular, professional check conducted by expert technicians to ensure all internal components are up to par. Our team understands there are dozens of parts working together to bring you cool air, and if one fails, it leads to numerous symptoms and inconveniences. That’s why we intricately check them all with a 56-point maintenance service that includes the following:

  • Reading the thermostat and recalibrating it if necessary (we’ll also rewire it or change the batteries with false readings or power issues)
  • Cleaning the drain pipe and drain pan, which holds stagnant water that grows mold and mildew or eventually backs up and causes leaks
  • Checking refrigerant levels and refilling them in case of a leak for efficient cooling
  • Lubricating the fan, blower motor, nuts and bolts, and moving parts to prevent grinding and part deterioration
  • Wiping down the air vents and ducts and changing the filters to prevent dust and dander buildups from clogging the system

When Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

Scheduling semi-annual AC maintenance keeps your unit working year-round. Call us once in the spring before you first turn on the system so we can remove all allergens and build ups before they enter your home. We’ll also prepare other parts and replace worn ones before extensive use so you don’t have to call during the busy season for repairs.

Another check in the fall helps ensure the parts of the unit that are overworked during the summer are operating at peak efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part between maintenance checks. We recommend homeowners replace the air filters, or clean them using mild detergent, warm water, and a non-abrasive brush, every three to four months. If you have pets or live in an area with low air quality, there are more air contaminants, so consider replacing them more frequently. Also, wipe down the vents, change the thermostat batteries, and keep an eye out for unusual activity that demands repair.

What Are The Benefits Of AC Maintenance?

Routine maintenance for your air conditioning unit allows a trained eye to catch problems early on before they grow into symptomatic larger ones that require a hefty repair cost. We’ll conduct minor tweaks or replace small components as they wear before they become incapable, affecting surrounding parts or your unit’s overall ability. Other benefits of AC maintenance include:

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Prolonged Lifespan
  • Active Manufacturer Warranty

Lower Energy Costs

Internal issues mean your system has to work harder to override the faulty part, using more electricity to create the same indoor temperature as before. But with routine maintenance, all components work flawlessly in unison, keeping utility bills low.

Prolonged Lifespan

Since each issue means your system has to work harder for a short period, the more repairs you need, the harder your system works throughout its lifespan, shortening it. Maintenance may not only help your system last its intended 10-year lifespan but also prolong it up to 15 years, so you’ll need fewer replacements down the line.

Active Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty that provides a replacement at no additional cost only remains valid if you prove you’ve done your part to care for the system. If you cannot show proof of maintenance and repairs, the company will believe the issue is due to your negligence and won’t stand by its promise.

Trust Chilly Ben’s For Reliable AC Maintenance In Bowling Green, KY!

You probably believe maintenance for indoor and outdoor units is unnecessary, especially if your system is functioning as it should. However, sidestep expensive repairs and replacements by contacting us for regular system care.

At Chilly Ben’s Heating and AC, our specialized team provides flexible scheduling and prompt services that prove we’re all about customer satisfaction. We also offer competitive pricing and an intricate maintenance checklist that puts us ahead of our competitors. Call 270-776-3691 to schedule AC maintenance in Bowling Green, KY, and the surrounding areas today!

Your friends at Chilly Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to serve you and your family! Give us a call, or request service online to get started.

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