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Ways To Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

June 21, 2023
Ways To Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

Many homeowners look for effective ways to lower their energy costs this summer. Kentucky’s warmer months cause most people to run their air conditioners constantly, skyrocketing their monthly energy payments. However, there are many simple tasks homeowners can do to keep cooling costs low this summer without sacrificing their comfort. In this article, we list seven ways to reduce your AC bill in Bowling Green , KY while remaining cool and comfortable.

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7 Ways To Reduce Your AC Bills

Summer is a wonderful season that allows us to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with our loved ones. However, the exceedingly high temperatures can make it difficult to stay comfortable inside your home. Although your air conditioner will help your home maintain a pleasant indoor climate, the excess usage can cause your monthly energy bill to soar sky-high.

The scorching heat can also put immense strain on your AC unit and cause it to overheat in extreme temperatures. The stress can even lead to a breakdown and AC repairs in Bowling Green, KY, leaving you without cool, comfortable air for hours or longer. Fortunately, you can reduce your monthly energy bills, preserve your air conditioner, and maintain a favorable indoor climate with a few efficient tips and tricks. Below are a few ways to lower your AC costs this summer.

1. Replace Your Old AC Unit With A More Efficient Model

Older air conditioners have trouble maintaining a comfortable climate and typically require more energy to operate. This can take a toll on your energy bills over time, causing you to waste hundreds on inadequate cooling. Outdated AC units are also more prone to breaking down, making it ideal to replace them with new, more efficient models.

New air conditioners are more energy-efficient and will keep your residence cool and comfortable without wasting energy. They withstand the summer heat better and can significantly reduce your energy payments without sacrificing your comfort. Although replacing your air conditioner might set you back financially in the short term, it can save you heaps of money over time, allowing you to recover the cost very quickly. If your air conditioner is 15 years old or older, consider upgrading to a newer model as soon as possible.

2. Keep Your Air Vents And Filters Clean

Dirty air vents and filters affect your home’s interior climate more than you might think. Excess dirt and debris drastically reduce airflow, preventing chilled air from reaching your home. Failing to clean or replace your AC system’s air filter can also adversely affect its performance, preventing it from operating at its highest efficiency level.

Cleaning your air vents regularly and replacing your air filter at least every 90 days will help your home stay comfortable during the hottest days of summer. It ensures optimal airflow and distribution, keeping every room of the house feeling nice and pleasant.

3. Use Ceiling Fans And Lower Your Thermostat

Using your ceiling fans can take some stress off your air conditioner without reducing your home’s interior comfort level. They will help keep things cool by pushing air downward, creating a nice refreshing breeze that will keep a room pleasant. Try lowering your thermostat a few degrees and turning on your ceiling fans to reduce your energy cost and chill your home.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help regulate your indoor climate by adjusting the temperature according to your busy schedule. For example, you can program a smart thermostat to automatically raise your home’s temperature while you’re at work and decrease it right before you return. This will significantly reduce your air conditioning costs, preventing your unit from operating unnecessarily.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, adjusting your thermostat 7-10 degrees for at least 8 hours each day can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling costs.

5. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance in Bowling Green, KY ensures your air conditioner functions optimally throughout the summer. Our professionals will make slight adjustments to prevent various issues that keep your unit from operating efficiently. Preventative tasks our team will perform include checking refrigerant levels, cleaning drain lines, and lubricating all moving components. These maintenance tasks will help keep your AC efficient, cooling bills low, and minimize AC repairs in Franklin, KY and surrounding areas.

Hiring professional AC maintenance services a few times a year is one of the best ways to lower your AC costs this summer while keeping your unit in pristine condition.

6. Keep Your Blinds Closed During the Day

Although natural light can decrease your energy usage during the winter, it can have the opposite effect during summer. The sun’s harsh UV rays can make your home hotter, causing your air conditioner to work harder to keep your desired room temperature. Closing your blinds will limit the amount of natural light entering your home, helping your residence stay chilled during the day.

Since less natural light will enter your home, your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to maintain your interior climate, reducing your energy payments.

7. Limit Your Oven Use

Your oven can significantly increase your home’s indoor temperature and further heighten your energy bills. The excess heat can spread throughout your kitchen and house, elevating the climate rather quickly. Fortunately, summer is the perfect time to break out your grill and cook outside, preventing sudden spikes in your energy payments.

Contact Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C for Professional Air Conditioning Services

If you need professional air conditioning services in South Central Kentucky, contact Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C. Our team will teach you more ways to lower your AC costs this summer so you can beat the Kentucky heat without burdening your budget. From AC installation to routine maintenance, no job is too big or too small for Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C. Give Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C a call at (270) 776-3691 and see what our air conditioning specialists can do for you in South Central Kentucky today!

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