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Spring into Savings: Your Complete Guide to AC Maintenance for a Cool and Efficient Home

March 26, 2024
Spring into Savings: Your Complete Guide to AC Maintenance for a Cool and Efficient Home

As the weather warms and the days grow longer in Bowling Green, KY, ensuring your air conditioning system is running properly becomes paramount for a comfortable and cost-effective living space.  In this guide, we will break down several tips and tricks for AC maintenance to keep your home cool this Summer.  

  • Regular Filter Replacement. 
  • Thermostat Optimization 
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning 
  • Professional Tune-Up

Regular Filter Replacement 

The first step to a cool home and efficient air conditioning system is ensuring your air filters are clean.  Air filters are the key to proper airflow throughout your home.  From dirt to debris to pollutants, they catch everything.  Regularly replacing air filters is crucial for maintaining optimal airflow and system efficiency.  At Chilly Ben’s, we recommend replacing your air filters every three months, or 90 days.  If you have pets, we recommend replacing them a bit more often. Every two months should do the trick. Because clogged air filters restrict airflow, your air conditioning system has to work harder and consume more energy.  By replacing your air filters every three months, you can lower energy bills and extend the overall lifespan of your air conditioning system.  Here are a few more benefits to regularly replacing your air filters: 

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality. Air filters trap pollutants, so it promotes clean air throughout your home.  Regular replacement brings a cleaner home. 
  • Lower Repair Frequency.  When air filters clog, they are unable to trap pollutants that could damage your air conditioning system’s efficiency. 
  • Alleviate Allergies. Air filters are also responsible for catching allergens that can trigger allergic reactions. 
  • Improved Temperature Control. Clean air filters encourage proper airflow.  Regular air filter replacement allows homeowners to avoid drafts or uneven heating and cooling. 

Thermostat Optimization 

The thermostat is the brains behind your air conditioning system.  Based on the temperature you set your thermostat to, it will send signals to your system.  In a matter of minutes with just a few clicks, your home can be at your desired temperature.  To save money, we suggest optimizing your thermostat by putting it on a schedule.  We recommend basing this schedule based on your own and the outdoor temperatures.  You can do this by installing a programmable or smart thermostat.  These thermostats will allow you to create cooling schedules and adjust temperatures remotely, optimizing energy usage and comfort.  Beyond significant energy savings, here are some other perks to programmable or smart thermostats: 

  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint. Less energy consumption is required when you optimize your thermostat.  This allows you to lower your carbon footprint. 
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality. Smart thermostats often have humidity sensors that improve the air quality within your home. 
  • Prolong Your System’s Lifespan. When your thermostat is set to a schedule, it avoids drastic temperature changes that can cause wear and tear.  Programmable thermostats promote a healthy air conditioning system, which, in turn, can prolong your system’s life. 
  • System Tracking. Programmable thermostat allows you to monitor your air conditioning system’s energy usage.  Tracking your system’s energy usage can allow you to make improvements. 

Condenser Coil Cleaning 

Our next recommendation to ensure a cool home this Spring and Summer is a condenser coil cleaning.  Now, what exactly is the condenser coil? The condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. It is a network of tubes that is in charge of releasing heat that was absorbed by the evaporator coil.  Sometimes it will collect dirt and debris, so proper care and cleaning are essential.  A clean condenser coil encourages better heat transfer and improves the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system.  When you participate in regular maintenance and cleaning of your condenser coil, it will prevent buildup that can lead to potential breakdowns.  Throughout the warmer months, your air conditioning system must be operating smoothly to keep you and your family comfortable. 

How often you clean your condenser coil depends on a variety of factors, including how often you use your air conditioner and how often you change out your air filters.  We recommend a maintenance check and cleaning at least once a year.  If you require a condenser coil cleaning in Bowling Green, KY, give Chilly Ben’s Heating and Air Conditioning a call! 

Professional Tune-Up 

We couldn’t recommend anything more than a professional tune-up to keep your system running efficiently and reliably.  During a tune-up, a technician will come out and inspect your air conditioning system.  This includes inspecting and cleaning components, checking refrigerant levels, and making adjustments to maximize performance.  Regular tune-ups help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.  Below are several benefits to professional tune-ups: 

  • Prolonged Lifespan. Regular tune-ups avoid potential breakdowns, which will allow your system to be healthy and live a longer life.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. During a tune-up, the technician may replace your air filters, which promotes clean air throughout your home. 
  • Promotes Safety.  Regular maintenance ensures everything is working properly so there is little chance of breakdown that could be harmful. 
  • Improves Energy Efficiency.  When your air conditioning is working at peak efficiency, it requires less energy. 
  • Fewer Emergency Repairs. Proper maintenance decreases the likelihood of breakdown. 
  • Decreased Energy Bills. With less energy usage comes lower energy bills. 
  • Peace of Mind. A properly functioning air conditioning system ensures your family can be cool comfortably. 

Call A Professional! 

As you can see, there are many benefits to scheduling tune-ups and proper care of your air conditioning system.  If you are looking for a professional to properly maintain your system in Bowling Green, KY, look no further than Chilly Ben’s Heating and Air Conditioning.  We have a great team of technicians prepared to inspect your AC system and ensure it will keep you and your family cool for the upcoming season.

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