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Why Your Home Needs AC Maintenance

May 17, 2023
Why Your Home Needs AC Maintenance

As you begin to dust your air conditioner off for the warmer months, it’s a good time to stop and consider scheduling an AC maintenance appointment. Air conditioning maintenance or a tune-up ensures nothing is wrong with your system before its peak season of usage. An expert technician can run tests, lubricate parts, replace worn components, and improve the stability and function of your air conditioning system.

We know how hot the summers can get in Kentucky, so preparing for the season ahead can’t hurt. In fact, you’ll feel better about turning your air conditioning on for the first use of the year if you’ve had maintenance. Fortunately, Chilly Ben’s Heating & A/C can help with that task!

Why Does AC Maintenance In Bowling Green, KY Matter?

Air conditioning maintenance is perhaps the most essential service you can schedule for your cooling system. If you’ve invested the time and effort into the installation process but don’t maintain your air conditioner, then the work is for nothing. Air conditioners work hard to keep your home cool and comfortable during rising temperatures, so you should expect some normal wear and tear and common concerns from time to time.

It’s easy to overlook an unavoidable task like maintenance, but you’ll be dealing with the consequences when your air conditioner stops working. There’s nothing quite as helpful as having a local AC technician in Bowling Green to address all areas of your unit and make them run even better. Just like you would get a tune-up for your vehicle to continue driving around, you need to schedule maintenance to keep using your air conditioner in hot weather.

What Is Involved In AC Maintenance Service?

During an AC maintenance job, we will check airflow quality and the stability of electrical connections. We also inspect the thermostat and air conditioner’s ability to maintain your desired temperatures. Other steps in this service include:

  • Checking refrigerant levels and signs of leaks
  • Replacing or cleaning air filters
  • Lubricating internal parts
  • Clearing the drain lines

Benefits of AC Maintenance With Chilly Ben’s

When homeowners avoid maintenance, and something goes wrong, they often regret not taking time for the service. Air conditioners experience heavy use night and day during the hotter months, so it’s natural that it needs a tune-up to keep it operating well. Some of the main reasons you should call our team for air conditioner maintenance, perhaps in the early springtime, are as follows:

  • Extend your air conditioner’s lifespan
  • Experience better indoor air quality
  • Have a more energy-efficient property
  • Enjoy comfortable temperatures and safety
  • Save money on repairs and replacement

Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

Since air conditioners are such significant investments, everyone wants to squeeze as much time out of them as possible. AC maintenance helps your air conditioner last as long or longer than its extended lifespan. You might need an early replacement if you never schedule maintenance.

Imagine getting several extra years out of your air conditioning system simply because you scheduled one or two maintenance appointments a year. You’ll also preserve the manufacturer’s warranty by following through with expected maintenance.

Experience Better Indoor Air Quality

From dirt and dust mites to pet dander and smoke, numerous contaminants are circulating around your home harming indoor air quality. When all these particles build up on your air conditioning filter, you’re not getting the temperatures and air quality you want. Your coils are also wearing down.

Every time you put off routine maintenance, more dirt and debris builds up on your coils and air filter. The inside and outside of your units also have a layer of dust on them, preventing warm air from entering the system and changing to cool air. You breathe better air with AC maintenance in Franklin, KY.

Have A More Energy-Efficient Property

An energy-efficient home is one that spends less on their monthly bills. Your air conditioner is less likely to strain itself trying to achieve your desired temperatures when it has maximum energy efficiency. During your maintenance service, your technician can update your system and find ways to make it run even better.

Simple tasks like cleaning clogged and dirty air filters and fixing refrigerant problems can make a significant difference in how your air conditioner runs. AC maintenance takes no more than a few hours but makes your unit last longer than its proposed lifespan. It also creates the most comfortable space. Simply put – the less energy your air conditioner uses, the more you will save!

Enjoy Comfortable Temperatures And Safety

A properly-maintained AC system is much safer than one that never gets tune-ups. HVAC problems that grow into major problems have the potential to do serious damage to your home. You could have unsafe or uncomfortable conditions and a frustrating situation to resolve, but maintenance prevents these issues before they get that far.

You decrease the likelihood of experiencing extremely humid temperatures or high temperatures indoors. Allow our technicians to see what could be causing problems with your air conditioner. We don’t miss a beat with our AC maintenance and can get to the bottom of any issue.

Save Money On Repairs And Replacement

By keeping up with maintenance as necessary, it’s unlikely you’ll experience the unexpected need for costly AC repairs or an early replacement. Lack of maintenance can lead to numerous repairs throughout the summer, which can add up and become expensive. Since your system will also be more efficient, your monthly energy bills will drop. Finally, you’ll save more money by keeping your air conditioner’s warranty intact.

Contact Chilly Ben’s To Book AC Maintenance In Bowling Green, KY

Experience peace of mind knowing you do everything you can for your air conditioning system in Kentucky by scheduling routine maintenance. You’ll have a healthier, happier home that is more energy-efficient, consistent with temperatures, and you won’t be spending big bucks on repair services. Although you may keep your air conditioning unit out of sight and out of mind, consider making it a priority for the health, well-being, and happiness of your family.

At Chilly Ben’s Heating and A/C, we proudly offer detailed and thorough AC maintenance in Bowling Green, KY. We’ll examine all parts of your system and verify everything is operating harmoniously. Call us at 270-776-3691 to speak with our staff and book a maintenance appointment today!

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